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Terms of Use, https://www.forextr78.com/ (“Website”) and your use of the Web Site. It regulates your access to the Site. The Website contains important information about certain products and services. Contains explanations and information. By accessing this Website, the Terms of Use, You accept the Personal Data Processing Policy and all other additional terms and conditions on the Website. you have done.

Terms of Use, by FOREXTR Limited (“FOREXTR”) at any time and with prior notice. can be changed without notice. Changes made in this way are the same as when they are published on the Website. are valid from the date of On the date you access the Website, the Terms of Use You are deemed to have accepted the version on the access date.

Before using the instruments and services on the Website, please Make sure that it does not violate the regulations of the country you are in. Our service is only It can be used as long as it does not contradict the relevant legislation of the country you are in.

INFORMATION ABOUT https://www.forextr78.com/

a. The information on the Web Site is from available, accepted and reliable sources, third-party content It is based on data arising from research and research, and to provide general information by FOREXTR. was prepared for the purpose. The information on the Website helps customers make purchase and sale decisions. may not be sufficient to support it and the accuracy of this information is not guaranteed by FOREXTR. is not done. FOREXTR is responsible for any material and/or moral damages arising from this content. it won't.

b. The information on the Website is for informational purposes only and serves as investment advice. is not. For this reason, it is only necessary to make an investment decision based on the information on the Website. will not be in place. from being unable to access the Website or sent or received through the Website. directly or indirectly due to the delay or non-delivery of the instruction or notification. the truth of any information on the Website, from loss and damage caused by not reflecting, incomplete or any action to be taken based on this information. Any material or moral damage, expense and any third party may incur. FOREXTR cannot be held responsible for damages and costs.

c. All content on the Website is only published or as of the specified date. presented. Content may change due to subsequent market events or other reasons. can be replaced by new information.

d. In all cases of conflict and/or information appearing on the Website and recorded in FOREXTR records In case of incompatibility between the information, the information in the FOREXTR records takes precedence. will be. FOREXTR, as a result of the transactions made based on the information appearing on the Website cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.


The information on the Website, the content that can be downloaded from the Website and its advertisement on the Website. Other elements to be made are governed by international copyright and related trademark laws. protected.

Any copying, modification, distribution or commercialization of any content on the

Website Its use is prohibited without the permission of the copyright holders.


These Terms of Use are in addition to the contract signed between FOREXTR and the customer. Terms of Use cannot change or ignore any of the terms of the contract.


These Terms of Use are in addition to the contract signed between FOREXTR and the Customer. Terms of Use cannot change or ignore any of the terms of the contract.


The Website may contain links to websites managed by third parties. Connection The information contained in the websites provided by FOREXTR in any way is not audited. Links to websites managed by third parties are only It is given for informational purposes and FOREXTR has nothing to do with the content and management of these websites. assumes no responsibility or liability. FOREXTR, on third party websites makes no warranty regarding the use of the content or the results of use.


To the maximum extent permitted by law, FOREXTR does not, directly or indirectly, for damages (loss of profit, loss of trade or damage to the Website and third party content) use or disuse, difficulty or delay, including but not limited to) will not be held responsible. This means that FOREXTR has been warned of such damage or loss. It also applies if

FOREXTR, unless otherwise stipulated in the relevant legislation, is not directly caused by it. shall not be liable to you or a third party for any damages incurred due to such circumstances. This, failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication lines (telephone lines, cable and internet), intrusion, virus, theft, operator errors, extreme or extreme weather conditions (including flood, earthquake or other natural disasters), fire, war, riot, terrorist event, riot, labor dispute and other business problems, accident, emergency or government savings It also includes topics.


As a condition of your use of the Website, FOREXTR and third party content providers, arising from your use of the Site or your violation of these Terms of Use. claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees and You agree to exemptions (without limitation).


Security to protect your password and the confidentiality of your account and any consequences that may arise as a result. You are fully responsible for the abuse. For this reason, others cannot access your password and You must ensure that they cannot use your account. Our staff will never give you your password. will not ask. You may not transfer or share your account with anyone. In such cases We reserve the right to close your account.


You may deny access to all or certain parts of the Website due to violation of the Terms of Use. We may stop it without notice to you. Any fraud, abuse and illegal activity may result in termination of your relationship with the Website or legal action.

After the termination or suspension of your use of the Web Site, your account and Web We reserve the right to immediately destroy all your personal files on the Site. end of your use FOREXTR will not be responsible for the damages that may arise from the termination or suspension of it.

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